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Motorbike insurance

Compare cheap bike insurance quotes and see if you can save today

  • You could save up to £130 on your motorbike insurance[1]
  • View quotes for all types of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters
  • Compare motorcycle insurance quotes from?over 30 UK brands[2]
*T&Cs apply. Limits on days, menus, dates, numbers and requires booking

Looking for a cheap motorbike insurance quote?

Before you get to enjoy the heavy metal thunder of riding a motorbike, you’ll need to do one thing: insure it.

Fortunately, we can help you find a policy to get your motor running.?

Do I need to insure my motorcycle??

Yes you do - it's a legal requirement in the UK.?

You don't, however, have to pay over the odds for motorbike insurance as there are plenty of ways to make your policy cheaper.

How do I get cheaper motorcycle insurance??

You might be able to lower those premiums by considering the following:
  • Type of bike - big engines and higher horsepower often rev up insurance costs. If you’re born to be mild, a modest motorbike could cut costs. You’ll need information on your bike’s make, model, year of manufacture, date of purchase, value at purchase, and on how long you’ve held your motorbike licence.
  • Modifications - anything that changes the appearance or performance of your bike could pump up the price of insurance. On the other hand, any security or safety mods you install could earn you a discount on your premiums.
  • Security - safe bikes make insurers happy, which can mean lower premiums. So, it’s well worth investing in a garage, or a sturdy lock and chain at the very least.
  • Riders and pillion – carrying a rider is a tricky business and getting insurance cover for them can be just as tricky. You’ll need to declare any claims and convictions your rider has had, and you’ll also need to declare whether you want to install a pillion.

Another factor that will affect the price of your quote is what you intend to use your bike for.?

If all you plan to do is drive through the countryside on the weekends, your insurance is likely to be cheaper than someone who wants to ride to work.?

More expensive are those who use it for their business – that is, if they travel to more than one location for work. There is also cover for people who use their bikes for food delivery or courier purposes.??

Legal expenses insurance and other extras?

It’s also worth considering the add-ons, or ‘ancillaries’ that you might be offered as part of your policy.?

Riding a bike comes with plenty of extra concerns that can be added to your policy, such as helmet & leathers cover, or the pillion cover mentioned above. It's also worth considering legal expenses insurance.

According to?research performed over the course of 2016, motorcyclists only accounted for about 1% of road traffic.??Despite this, they formed around 18% of deaths on the road. Nearly 20,000 motorcyclists were injured that year.? ?

In light of this, it’s worth investigating legal expenses cover. Making a claim could cost a fair amount, even if you aren’t claiming for injuries, but legal expenses cover will take care of that cost.?

Insurance excess

Your excess will also affect the cost of your premium. Part of it will be compulsory: you have to pay out a certain amount in order to complete a claim. But if you add a voluntary amount on top, you may be able to bring down the cost of your premiums.?

Be careful to make sure it's an amount you can afford!

No claims bonus

If you've been riding bikes for a while, you'll hopefully have a decent no claims bonus (NCB). This can help you bring your premium down quite considerably.?

Motorcycle types?

The model of bike you choose is also very important, as smaller, cheaper, and older models could attract lower premiums.?

Equally, a classic bike could net you a lower premium, because owning one indicates to your insurer that you're happy to put time and effort into taking care of it, and less likely to be a risky driver.

It should go without saying that different types of bike need different types of cover. We can help you find policies that cover your 50cc scooter, or something more bespoke for your fully-customised Kawasaki.?


We can even compare quotes for classic motorbike insurance: your prized Harley Davidson can enjoy top-notch insurance.

Motorcycle cover

The level of cover you choose could also affect the price of your policy. There are three levels of cover for your bike:

  • Third party – this policy will only cover damage and injury you cause to others. You are legally required to have cover at this level.
  • Third party, fire and theft – exactly the same as above, but covers you if your bike is stolen or damaged by fire
  • Fully comprehensive - cover for any damage your bike incurs and any injuries you suffer, as well as any of the same inflicted on third parties

Ultimately, third party cover may present you with cheaper premiums upfront, but could be more expensive overall if you have an accident. The reverse is true for comprehensive cover: it may be more expensive upfront, but could save you money in the long run.

Getting a comprehensive policy may also allow you to ride someone else's bike on a third-party-cover basis: that is, you'll be allowed to ride someone else's bike, but you'll only have third party cover while you do so.?

Not all insurers will offer this option though, so it would be a good idea to check with your insurer first, or read through the terms and conditions of your policy, before hopping on a bike that isn't yours.

If you're not sure whether you'll be covered to do this, it may be worth looking into short-term motorbike insurance. Where a standard motorbike policy will cover you for twelve months, this will cover you for a short period of time, from a few days to a month or more.

Two's company

  • Pillions aren’t usually included as standard - make sure you say whether you’ll carry passengers when you get a quote

It may also cover you to ride as a passenger, or 'pillion', on someone else's bike.?

If you’re looking to really enjoy smoke, lightning, and heavy metal thunder, you may wish to race your bike. However, you may find that your insurance doesn’t cover you to race.?

Should you be caught racing without the correct cover, you may be fined and receive points on your licence. Check whether you'll be covered with your insurer.?

Motorbike history

Don’t worry, there are no old professors here to discuss the history of the motorbike. This refers to the documentation you should receive with your bike itself.

You should be given your insurance documents by your insurers which, if you’re ever stopped by police, you have seven days to make available. These documents will include the certificate of insurance, as well as the full terms and conditions of your policy.

But, even before you get your insurance documents, you should consider running a history check on your bike. This is mainly applicable to those bikes being bought second-hand.

A history check will show you whether you’re buying a bike that’s ever been stolen, written off, or has unpaid finance against it.

The best insurance for motorcycles??

The best motorbike insurance for you will be the policy that fits your circumstances. Whether you want cover for a souped-up superbike, or just to look after a scooter, we can compare motorcycle insurance from various providers.?

This will help you find the right policy for your needs.


Yes you can! Depending on the provider, sidecar insurance may be included as standard on your policy, or it may be featured as an optional extra. If you search for quotes through GoCompare you'll be asked if your motorbike has been fitted with a sidecar. It's still a wise idea to speak to your chosen provider directly about insuring your sidecar before agreeing to any policy. This is to confirm they have the specific details of your individual outfit and of any modifications you may have made to your bike in order to attach the sidecar safely.

This mostly depends on your provider. Your policy terms and conditions should state whether you can ride your bike abroad. It may be worth looking into European cover, and it’s always worth being aware of issues such as the countries you're insured for, the number of days of continuous cover, and whether you have the same protection as when you're in the UK.

CBT stands for Compulsory Basic Training. This is a course that all learner motorbike and moped riders must undertake. If you’ve held a driver’s or moped licence for a long time, you may not need one, but it is still recommended.

If you're aged 16 and want to ride a moped or scooter on the road you'll need to hold a provisional licence, have completed a CBT course, and you'll need to display L plates (D plates in Wales). You must not carry a passenger or ride on a motorway.
However, we cannot give you a scooter insurance quote until you're actually 16 years of age.
We've approached the insurance companies on our panel to ask if they'd consider providing prices to under 16s, but they'd prefer us not to accept these quotes on our website. On your 16th birthday you'll be able to get a quote.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) defines a scooter as having an engine that's an integral part of the rear suspension, or a chassis that's a step-through type. This is regardless of engine capacity or wheel size.
A moped is defined as a motorised two-wheel vehicle with an engine capacity of less than 50cc and a top speed of approximately 31mph.

Yes you can. Just like any other vehicle,?you need to insure an imported motorbike before you head out on the highway. Parallel imports are relatively simple to insure compared to grey imports, but both can be covered in the UK. We can help you find insurers who can cover your imported motorbike.

Three-wheelers and quad-bikes tend to require individual consideration, so it’s worth looking into these separately.

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